Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cyprus: a time for fresh thinking?


Cyprus exists, so too Cypriots, not for hundreds, but for thousands of years. Everyone knows this, as Mr. Biden said, “but one”. Cypriots are neither “Greek”, or “Turkish”, they are Individuals who want the Freedom, the respect and dignity that any other People enjoy while defending Universal Principals. They are the other half of this debate who do not want the island torn in two. They are ignored so long as the Problem remains an issue of “Turkishness”, and the rest, not Turkish.
Because the issue is about Liberty (it should not be about Freedom), and given that the great compromise is a BBF, i suggest that it is the Constituencies that need to find their common ground, with themselves, that the Republic is better served if in unanimity, they present to it, their consideration toward Reform; but there is no Greek Constituency. To be more accurate, there are no Cypriot Constituencies, Maronites, Armenians, and Latins, deserve the same capacity, having the same and equal need.
If dialog is to be promoted, between the Turkish Constituency and the Greek Constituency, it is possible, if Bicommunal (and Bizonal) is defined to mean, a level of government for Cypriots, as Cypriots, Individuals for Cyprus, and a level of government which has a set of Constituencies, where by their choice of residence, Cypriots sustain distinct identities as Persons, then there is Freedom, and Liberty.
…i would like the readership to recall that the Flag of Turkey, and the Flag of Cyprus are equal because of the Universal Principals that they stand for. I ask, if the Flag of Turkey represents something more than a Turkic Constituency, what of the refusal to recognise the Flag of Cyprus as something no more than “Greek”? With Turkey’s need for Constitutional reform, without wanting Turkey divided into its parts, they should be more careful what they ask for from Cypriots.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Cyprus reunification: the Arab Spring and natural gas game changers


Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin come to mind when i think of "People power". I will be watching for them, for the fourth (or is it fifth) time, on April 13, if they will be denied Justice, again. They fly the Cyprus Flag, because, they are Cypriots. Yet this is denied them by no Law, but by a Court which will not Rule. And a media which denies what is clear to these two Citizens, that Cyprus exists, so too Cypriots. That whatever solution to the Problem is found, it is for them, the other half if you will, who are not "Greek", or "Turkish", who deserve this respect and recognition.

Like the Flag of Turkey, the Flag of Cyprus, stands for Universal Principals, they are equals. I ask, isn't Turkey made up of something more than a Turkic Constituency? I ask, if there was a Turkic Constituency within a set of Turkish Constituencies, in Turkey, could they define what are their equal needs toward sustaining, as Persons, their distinct identities?

Given this need in Cyprus, and in Turkey, for Constitutional reform, Canada comes to mind as a successful Bicommunal society, because the People secure their Freedom by defending each other, as Individuals, while their Liberty allows for this Freedom, as Persons. Canada is a Bizonal Federation too, because it is the Flag of Canada which flies highest, everywhere, despite their diversity and there being many flags, a Canada exists, its Citizens as Canadians are Sovereign, and it is they who represent themselves as such, in their Federal Government; yet, there are many Provinces, which prosper from their own self-representation as National Assemblies, too.

Unless one imagines Turkey is better off torn in pieces, I suggest, for the same reasons it is hard to imagine Cyprus torn in two.

It would be nice if Mr. Eroglu (or, with elections so soon, the next Leader of the Turkish Constituency) stood in front of the Flag of Cyprus when he speaks, that would be quite a challenge, for Cypriots as a whole, a change of intention if he asked, not for the President of the Republic of Cyprus to sit with him and negotiate, but his equals, the Leadership of the other Cypriot Constituencies, (because no Greek Constituency exists,) because their needs as Communities are equal, and as equals, i imagine, at this point, they could speak in unanimity about their position toward these needs, so that upon their presentation to the President, with his charge, toward the State, this Government may take their consideration toward its own reform.

...i remind you, Cyprus is a template, because it is a good representation of Free Will, and the population is small. Tsipras is a strange phenomena in Politics, where as a Greek, the first to congratulate his win were a Kurdish Turk, and a Turkish Cypriot, both called him their "brother". "Turks" in Turkey, should be careful how they wish to define what is not "Turkish" (enough), (at home, and) in Cyprus. A good thing for Turkey, is Cyprus (an equal, and) an ally

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cyprus – Russian Link and IS Extremism


...thank-you Greek Reporter, a well thought out, comprehensive piece.

It may be that President Anastasiades is a person who expresses his feelings more openly than most, much to the discomfort of the more discreet at this level of politics. Yet, if he is seeking to be the facilitator of dialog, it may be that Cyprus gains from this universal appeal, as an ally. We see in Cyprus' efforts to promote good relations within her sphere of influence progressing, with the Cairo accord, that links Egypt, Greece, Israel, and Cyprus to efforts that secure the rational development of the sea's underwater resources. Cyprus demonstrates its skill at facilitating exchange, what with its Maritime Registry, its Rule of Law, Education and Banking sectors. Its relations with Syria, and Lebanon, no doubt can play a role for progress.

In any case, these same agreements, for safe Harbour, exist between Cyprus and other countries, like China, USA, France, etc. I will add, in terms of regional safety, few sites represent a better place from which help can come quickly. This too, is an issue of International importance in which progress is achieved through social-exchange. If it is necessary to have so many warships in the Eastern Mediterranean, then let us hope they practice saving lives, together, what with the Human traffic over this sea. Having them share the benefit of water, and shelter, is a good first step, i say, Cypriots are good hosts this way.

Europe, one hopes will feel strong enough to confront the Problem sooner, than late.

One also hopes that as a Union they will defend the existence of the Republic, without apology, whether within it there exists at another level of government, Constituencies or not. The idea that Cypriots are only, "Turkish" or not "Turkish", must stop. At least it should not be denied that in effect, Cypriots exist, and it does not depend on the colour of their skin or their ethnic origin. Europe must make it clear, the difference between defining People as Individuals, and as Persons. Europe must provide the guidance the rest of the world needs by demonstrating an ability to integrate Citizens, without their assimilation. And in the case of Cyprus, to deny those who think it is a good idea to divide it in two, because like Solomon's baby Cyprus lives, is also a good idea.

Turkey has the same Problem, if you ask me. It too would benefit from Constitutional Reform where there existed a Turkic Constituency, at another level of government, not unlike any other Constituency, an equal, within a set of Turkish Constituencies, where people choose to live freely, with the liberty to sustain each's distinct identity. in Cyprus, one Flag flies over Turkey, neither represents a Nation per se, but a State which defends Universal Principals. Canada comes to mind when one thinks of a successful BBF, Turkey is the Problem in Cyprus, Europe has a very important role to play.

Friday, February 20, 2015

From Know-Who to Know-How: Turkey and the “middle-income trap”


...when I think of Turkey, I see how Erdogan's Turkey struggles to define "Turkishness". The picture for me is not a pleasant one to say the least.

As a Cypriot, hoping to make this change from a society of "Who" you know, but on merit, to "What" you know, I suggest that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation is a good model for Turkey to take with its own Constitutional Reform.

Given that the Flag of Cyprus, and the Flag of Turkey, are equal, in that they both represent a State which defends Universal Principals, it is not hard to imagine a Turkic Constituency among Turkish Constituencies, at another level of Government, in Turkey, like in Cyprus, the recognition that all people are equal, a representation of the people as Individuals, a People as such who defend each other and the Freedom this represents, because they can sustain as Liberty their distinct identities as Persons. Canada comes to mind when i think of a successful BBF.

This big change can be represented in Cyprus, the Problem ended by its recognition, a template worthy of the World's esteem and emulation, a shift in the intentions of the Kemalists, if you will, while respecting the fundamental principals which drove Ataturk to his revolution for reform; something Cypriots cannot unreasonably refuse, a "New Turkey" as a result.

I fear Erdogan's longing for a Caliphate in Istanbul is stronger than his dislike for numbers when they are turning against him, and from my perspective, he is a dangerous bully, who, if he does not recognise the existence of Cypriots, as Cypriots, will surely bring Turkey to the same demise: those "Turkish", and those not "Turkish" (enough).

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Re: about the missing, worth mentioning...

. any case, it was a sad fate for all the missing, and murdered in '63, and in '74, all of them were stripped of their identity as people who were close to their land, Cypriots; denied this singular identity because, our choices have made us adversaries in "solving" the Problem as "Greeks"/"Turks". There is Hope however, because Cypriots still exist, and because there is reason. I understand Lordo's reticence toward saying sorry for this or sorry for that, afraid that if he asks, someone will deny him his pain. Maybe not, there is a thin line between empathy, and the propaganda tools babies in the bathtub have become. I suggest something new, a better intention, in acts for Cyprus, as Cypriots, because beyond this "Greekness", or "Turkishness", there is something decent, better, in recognising an equality that has been respected here for thousands of years, no less, but more a reflection of the Modern Age which has passed, and the Information Age begun.

...every case was/is different, as we've demonstrated, the Army, irregulars, profiteers, Greek, Turkish, who knows the variables, what really happened, and it is quite obvious that the "Leadership' does not want anyone to know what really happened either, this is the frame of mind in which our bitterness grows. Everything, indeed, exists to tear us apart, think about it, except there is the fact, a will to exist, Free, as Cypriots. Yet, the only Justice which can exist for these dead, is if we the living defend each other: against those who's pleasure is gained from this misery they cause; not by choosing a "side" (because whatever side is chosen is "theirs"), but by choosing to stop, "this". Courts of Justice demonstrate a physical recourse to some degree, one says there is blame, there is an issue, the other, that Turkey takes the blame and offers a recourse for compensation. So far, here we are, waiting for a solution from the top so to speak, something like compensation for the Heritance involved as Property, and a Commission starved of the information it needs to conclude its Mission successfully.. 

Most importantly, are our own actions, for those "they" would rather we forget, go ahead this summer, at the beach, and when making your souvla, fly a Flag of Cyprus for the fun of it, plant this staff in the ground, in honour of this memory, all the memories, celebrate for those who fell, because they stayed, so that we can be Free.

Thursday, February 12, 2015



...only we, as Cypriots can solve this Problem, milti, and i may add to the benefit of the rest of Mankind, as well as ourselves. Our friendship with Russia, and Syria, are assets, as in our capacity as an EU member, where in developing our relationship with the United States, we can contribute in a dialog which may be helpful to the region generally. Cypriots must stand their ground, as small as it is, it is Cypriot, Cypriots exist, and as members of the larger community of Man, if there is any Pride in being Cypriot, we must seek to better this condition because we are facilitators of exchange.

...indeed the braggarts among us (who betray what should be kept as (their Army's) secrets) surprise me not, they are braggarts after-all, because the 'war' they propose cannot be won by Armies, but by people. They should know that. The value of which cannot be measured with the superiority of their weapons, or numbers, when in the end, the cost, to them, is far more than the same efforts put to reason. Moreso because a man like Erdogan exists, reason seems to be his weakness. We are an easy target as a Tribute in a wider War (which seems, at another level his larger intention) in appeasement, if it boils down to force. We will be reduced to barren destruction if we welcome war, just look around you, our neighbours, not one of them is a 'winner'. Need i remind everyone of the proxy war played out so far? Who benefits, who are its victims? Need i remind you that Cyprus is a cross-road to three Continents? (an unsinkable battle-ship.) And it seems, as such, too important to the interlocutors, for Cyprus, to come under the exclusive influence of "one", over the others so far, when it should not "belong" to any one of them; what solution but a Cypriot solution can work?

But, it takes a Modern intention to rise above "Greekness", or "Turkishness", to rise above what Greeks and Turks have made for themselves with their History, it takes the realisation that we can defend each other, for Universal Principals, that above all we are Individuals (members of the same race, as in Humans), and Cypriots. One solution exists, and that is the Republic of Cyprus. For it to have credibility, and given the compromise (BBF), it is only possible if there exists Cypriot Constituencies as well. I ask then, where is the Greek Constituency, why not a Greek Constituency? Of course i ask, why not other Cypriot Constituencies? Why not each with the Liberty to represent a distinct identity, as Persons, if our Freedom is defined at another level of Government, as Cypriots? Is this racist? Am i a traitor to wish for a State that is a Cypriot State, rather than a Greek state that is the Cypriot State? I ask, (not necessarily going too far,) why not English as our Official Language; are we not inherently Greek, and Turkish, or Maronite, Armenian, or Latin? Is our State based on merit or a bloodline? In any case, i do not consider the Flag of Cyprus temporary, a rag, as i've learned others on this Forum do. It represents to me an aspiration far more noble than the mythic reality of Greece, and/or Turkey, for that matter. And while it remains dysfunctional, i ask you all to remember, we are all traitors by making each other enemies.

...indeed, milti, we have to make the right choices now.

Monday, February 09, 2015

A declaration of independence


That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

Let us make it clear that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation can secure the Rights of Individuals, the Freedom which defines them as a State, and as well, at another level of Government, the equality of Cypriot Constituencies, where such a set of electorates, as Persons, will have the Liberty to demonstrate as a majority respectively, their recognition and respect for the minorities that live amongst them while serving an Agenda which in their daily lives sustains their distinct identity.

...count them, three (at least), governing bodies. 

Many Flags can fly internally, but only one flag defines them as a whole, the people, as Cypriots. It is in my mind not hard to understand that the debate as it is framed is flawed. 

Where is the Greek Constituency? Why not other Cypriot Constituencies? Is the debate an issue of what is "Turkish", and what is not "Turkish" (read: "Greek")? I ask because at present it seems that way. Why not the same respect for the larger Ethnos which is Cyprus? If we defend each other, what of the equal need of the Maronite, Armenian and Latin (dare i say the British, too)? Why not unanimity when they speak of 'their' needs? And beyond these National Assemblies, and the territorial components that make up such jurisdictional zones, why not a voice as Cypriots, for Cypriots, and Cyprus, where Cypriots as Cypriots decide? 

...again i repeat myself, a Republic of Cyprus exists. But no equal exists to the Turkish enterprise of having a voice which in their daily life is not overwhelmed by a population far greater than their own. This issue, in my mind cannot be ignored. (i would like to remind us all that the world's ethnosphere is threatened by extinction to a greater degree than the threat to our ecosphere.) More importantly, as Citizens of the World, we cannot deceive ourselves into thinking that things should stay the way they are, nor are we doing a service to the rest of Humanity if we ignore a Heritance far more complex, and, it is as Cypriots that we can demonstrate the Modern thinking that will take us beyond the subjugation of having "belonged" to Turkey (or that by being Greek demographically, we must be "Greek") , and beyond the plunder of cutting Cyprus up like a piece of meat, in two.

I would like to see Mr. Eroglu stand with the Flag of Cyprus beside him because that would be a great step forward, as well as courageous, like a great statesman, when he puts this challenge, to the missing counterpart(s) he seeks, at the negotiation table. Who puts the Flag of Cyprus higher? Where is an equal, who will talk of the needs of Greeks? Where are his equals to sit as Constituencies and speak? (It would be nice if the President of the Republic of Cyprus did not wear two hats so to speak, he would not sit at that table.) It would be nice if they could speak as one, for Cyprus, when they invited the President to their table, and toward Constitutional Reform. 

...well, my bit, M. Alper, toward your appeal which i am looking forward to because i hope it will be helpful, not just to the "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus, but to the rest of us who see ourselves as Cypriots, and Human beings, who understand that there are bigger enemies than each other, Lest we Forget, toward applying our Hate, in a manner where we better ourselves. And i suggest that similarly in Turkey, if a Greek Constituency exists in Cyprus, so too with great effect can a Turkic Constituency, there: it is something i hope you will think about, most respectfully, cheers!


Saturday, February 07, 2015

Greek-Cypriot leader calls for common Cyprus future


To satisfy the desire for a Turkish Constituency in Cyprus, a Greek Constituency, must exist. Why not therefore, the existence of a Turkic Constituency in Turkey. In essence Turkey and Cyprus are equals, their Flags represent the same Universal Principals.

Constituent rights are a matter of Persons, a matter of Liberty, Freedom should have no equal, and it should be something we defend together, beyond Nations as a State.

...BBF, something to think about, talking Constitutional reform.

Cypriots deserve more than a divided country, says President


...what is needed is a Greek Constituency, a representation where Greeks speak as Greeks. It would not be hard, therefore, for the President of the Republic to speak for us as Cypriots. Truly, if it is a BBF that represents our way forward, something is missing. There should be no equal to the Republic, who can disagree, that the Flag of Cyprus should fly highest?

...if as equals Cypriot Constituencies can represent their distinct identities, at another level of government, as Persons, such territorial jurisdictions will demonstrate respectively, the respect and recognition Cypriots afford to the minorities, as majorities, who live amongst them.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...count them, there must be at least three governing bodies; think about it.

“Cyprus and its citizens deserve much more than a divided country,”

...whether it is President Anastasiades who said it or not, this much is true, and i suggest for the benefit of Cyprus, (an equal to Mr Eroglu could be found) he should not have to wear two hats as he does at the moment

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Russia keen to use military bases in Cyprus

. long as it is possible to facilitate the social-exchange of our neighbours, and allies, Cyprus should do so. My hope is that this island will be demilitarised one day, that there will be no need for its People to defend themselves, that way. It may be that the island will evolve to be supra-militarised with the world so intent, it seems, on exploiting it as a location where the one of the many interlocutors, gain an advantage over their adversaries (as though Cypriots don't exist). On the other hand intentions count for something; Disaster, Terrorism, Hunger, Disease, Ignorance, even Climate Change, as enemies may find their center here.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Cyprus Says Turkey Must Stop 'Bullying' Over Gas


.indeed, if Cypriots do not exist, Cyprus "belongs" to Turkey, and the Lease of the island gone wrong, to Britain, can be solved by Turkey keeping a part. If you believe that the Treaty of Lausanne was unfair, indeed, what of the Modern World? Mr. Biden said it right, upon visiting the island, for everybody, "but one", Cyprus and Cypriots exist. is not the Gas and Oil off the coast of Cyprus, that concerns Turkey per se, it is her "share" of the Eastern Mediterranean, as it is Greece is next, let's not forget, so too Syria. What with the Barbaros, off to practice Submarine Warfare, it lends an explanation to the work of the Piri Reis before her. While Turkey may be an ally to the USA, Erdogan is no friend, and while he is democratically elected, it seems as though what is not "Turkish" enough, (even if it is Turkish), is to be crushed if it cannot be denied, corrupted, or plundered.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Re: Arrested For Flying Flags of the Republic


...thank-you bill.

these two Cypriots are heroes, in my mind. all Cypriots should be more like them.

here is where the compulsion to call the Flag of Cyprus, "Greek", may stop, because it is neither "Greek", or "Turkish". here are two people who state the obvious, they are as Persons, Turkish Cypriots indeed, they are Cypriots above all, as Individuals, not "Turkish"; what is wrong with that? if there is Justice to be seen, this fact will be clear, Cyprus exists, Cypriots exist, we are not appendages to the land like property, we are not here to serve the mythic reality of one regime against another, we are here on this island as its stewards, and as Human beings, we have this Freedom to express our loving nature, toward it. as it is, a dismissal of the charges is more likely, yet i imagine that the regime will not have the good sense to drop the issue, (as the Judge should have, the second or the third time around,) they don't have the will to defend Individual Rights, or to see their constituency as anything more than Persons, it will be delayed, again.

...thank-you, Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin, courage.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cyprus, a Turkey political hostage: Analyst


...much ado about nothing. After all, according to Turkey's leadership, Cyprus does not exist. Or, like the Alevis, and the Kurds, in Turkey, they are Foreign Affairs, not "Turkish". I ask, what does the Flag of Turkey represent, that it is any different to the Flag of Cyprus? If the regime in the north of Cyprus was Cypriot, Cypriots would not be forbidden to fly their flag there. If the Republic of Turkey wants to solve the Problem instantly, they can recognise this fact.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eide to visit Ankara – Athens – Nicosia in November


...i will say it again. It would be nice to see Mr. Eroglu stand beside the Flag of Cyprus when he makes demands, or when he speaks about the representation of Cypriots, Turcophone or not. The bigger pictures demands this kind of Statesmanship. As for Mr. Anastasiades, I would hope that he concurs, there is no representation of Greeks, as a Constituency, and that perhaps there should be one (these are confidence building measures); he cannot wear two hats, so to speak, the Leader of all Cypriots should have no equal (in Cyprus), and some representation as an equal to the Turkish Constituency (the Maronite, Armenian, Latin, (even the British), Constituencies) is needed. I suggest the debate as it is framed is flawed.


That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.


...count them, for a BBF as is agreed to there are (at least) three governing bodies involved. Mr. Eroglu should be willing to sit down with his equal, they should expect a President to consider, in unanimity, what they say. I don't find this complicated, one Flag higher than the rest, like in Turkey, or in the UK for that matter, the difference between being a Person and being an Individual, the difference between a State, and Nations, the difference between Freedom and Liberty.

...welcome Mr. Eide.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cyprus and Turkey Braced For New Fight Over Gas Reserves


…indeed, Turkey seems small, having to hide behind its puppet, the so called, “TRNC”. It is hard to understand that while half the population in the occupied north supports the island as an island, the other half hold the Agenda, because they feel it “belongs” to them. We can see the results of this behaviour in the south, (as well) where it is hard to ignore an elite, who having exploited these same sentiments, have lead the “Greeks” more often to ruin than once. Cyprus, and Cypriots, while ignored (and for so many years) still exist; they may be Greeks and Turkish by origin for the most part, but they are not the “Greeks”, and “Turks” we find ourselves talking about so often.

If Turkey were to recognise the existence of Cyprus, as a State, a country no different to itself, (thus acting as, its, Guarantor,) it could demand, as well, (within it) the existence of an equal to the Turkish Constituency, a Greek Constituency, now that Cyprus is in a process of Constitutional reform; but of course, Cyprus may just thrive under a BBF where the Flag of Cyprus flies higher than any of the rest, which would beg the question, why not a Turkic Constituency in Turkey?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Greek Cypriots suspend peace talks after Ankara's gas research

...I recall the Turkish Flag, "seen from space", that scars a mountainside in Cyprus; says it all about "Turkishness". Why would it have been built to face the "Greeks" (of Cyprus), and not the "motherland" in gratitude?
Cyprus exists, whether Turkey wants to recognise it or not. Cypriots exist too, they are not, just "Turks", and not "Turks", they are Individuals, not just Persons. If there is to be any Justice, Turkey must act accordingly and recognise that the Flag of Cyprus flies higher, as in Turkey, it is not a "Turkish" Flag, or a "Kurdish" Flag, it represents a State where people are united in defending the Universal Principals that makes them equals (not just as Persons, but as Human beings). is a good time for cooler heads to prevail, new thinking is needed; if Mr. Eroglu would be prepared to stand in front of the Flag of Cyprus, as his flag, it would not seem so unreasonable, this demand, for "his" share.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Turkish government plays with Kurdish fire


...and what is wrong with a Turkey that is Bizonal, and Bicommunal? What if there existed a Republic of Turkey, and within it another level of Government where by a Territorial Jurisdiction the Constituencies which make up the Turkish People have self-representation as Persons, where they serve themselves first perhaps (to sustain their distinct identities), but with respect and recognition of the minorities that live among them; Canada comes to mind, as a successful BBF.
...if within Cyprus there would exist a Greek Constituency, (and other Constituencies equal to it) as well as a Republic, it is not unreasonable to consider the benefit a Turkic Constituency offers to Turkey, similarly.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

are greek cypriots ready to embrace turks?


...negative attitudes everywhere.

...let us try and remember that beside "Greeks", and "Turks", there exist Cypriots, who happen to be Greek and Turkish; no matter how you try to divide Cypriots, half of them have the sense to see the value of this Heritance, and the other half are trapped within their own mythic reality ("Greek"/ not "Greek", "Turk"/not "Turk").

How lucky we are, whether Greek Flags and Turkish Flags fly here, or not, there exists a flag, the Flag of Cyprus, which flies higher; i don't know about other Cypriots, but i don't forget, that.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cameron waits for MPs to OK Akrotiri launch pad

. any case, it is the IS which holds the agenda. In their fierceness, they goad the rest of the world to unify against them if they dare. My hope is that we will see the day where united as Human Beings, we express our Hatred against the enemies which count, like Hunger, Disease, Disaster, Ignorance, and not against each other.
...everything takes practice, perhaps there is a silver lining, because it takes dialog to make change happen.
...and in Cyprus (better than Istanbul, I think), a new UN coordinating center, where it might be possible to see ships at port from many navies, or an airshow at Akrotiri (whether still British, NATO, or Cypriot) where pilots from around the world fly, together. Indeed Makarios may have played a significant role, then, in world politics, in an attempt to add balance to the countervailing forces at the time. Perhaps it is time to step-up again, as Cypriots, for, Universal Principals. Cyprus, and the Republic, even in its dysfunctional form has matured; having led the EU's Presidency successfully, being a Communication Hub, having a Flag flown by about one-third of the vessels at sea, most socialised, there exists a Rule of Law, and even with this Financial crisis, let's not forget, in 1960, there were no asphalt roads to connect the towns and villages island-wide, there was no infra-structure for water either.
...little Cyprus is the cross-road for three Continents.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Re: Interview with Cyprus Gov't Spokesman


...could it be that "we" were living in relative peace until the opportunity was taken to divide us into separate identities so that as adversaries an interlocutor could add their control. could it be that it is a happy coincidence for you personally, being Turkish, that being "Turkish" has it benefits? 

...does Cyprus count for anything, to you? unlike you, it seems, i can see the value of a Cyprus which secures our Freedom as Cypriots, and it is clear that we all stand to make significant social, and economic advances if as Individuals, we defend each other in a Unitary State. our identities as Persons do not have to suffer, they can thrive. but we must recognise that the Liberty we can have as Constituencies, (at another level of Government), even Bizonally, may demonstrate a priority for sustaining a distinct identity such as Greek, Turkish, Maronite, Armenian, Latin, (and English), but as Cypriots and as majorities (having control of an Agenda through self-representation as electors (and taxpayers)), that as such and with Good Will (and Good Faith) able to provide to the minorities among them respect and recognition.

...Cyprus exists, even if it is hostage to "Greeks", and "Turks" caught up in the vicious circle of their own hatred toward each other; they must overcome the fear they have within themselves. Cypriots exist, i should know being one of the displaced. it explains a lot when six were disappeared in my family, because we did not run away, we stayed; shame on the TCs as you say who have no respect for this fact. i am prepared to forgive the Individuals that committed these most hurtful acts, are you? i will not condemn all Turks as "Turks", i say, this is the Cypriot way, would you agree? i suggest to you (my friend) vp that you can better yourself with a better attitude of mind. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

European court tells Turkey to end compulsory religion course


If Erdogan seeks to make out of Turkey, the Protector of the Islamic Faith around the world, an Equal in a balance to the Western World, he must consider how Faith has been so successfully sustained, as such; what makes the Jewish/Christian set of States so successful is their vitality, it is not mono-clonal, yet the constant remains, one God.
...isn't it enough that what is left is tiny to what it was, the diversity of a land inhabited long before there was a Turkey? It is said that Istanbul is the site of a new Caliphate, will it be enough to be a loving Person to live there? and if you are Turkish, will you have to be "Turkish" enough?

Monday, September 15, 2014

A conversation with a CyProb veteran


...indeed, it is not what is said, but who said it.
As has been not stated enough, it is that the Annan Plan represents the culmination of fifty years (or more) of Turkey's Foreign Policy. Denktash alone is cited by every SG of the UN for thirty five years straight, as being singlehandedly responsible for the delay to any Agreement. I might add, perhaps for different reasons, it was both Denktash and Papadopoulos, who pleaded with Talat to delay the referendum. The Citizens of Cyprus were expected to live with, and agree to a Plan which in parts were unclear, and in others, unread. Having lived through the disastrous result of the Zurich Agreement, something unclear, requiring the good intent of individuals as a whole, not just as Persons, it seemed (and still seems) unlikely, in my mind, to expect the vast majority of any population, never mind the "Greeks" (read: not "Turkish), to support such uncertainty.
What is clear is that not all Greeks, want to be "Greeks" (first), and it is the same for what can be called the Turkish Constituency. Cyprus exists (and let's not forget that in 1960, there was not even an infrastructure of paved roadways island-wide, let alone water works of any size). what is also very clear is that Cypriots by themselves do better with their lives than those who depend on some so-called "motherland".
Now in the Modern world, Cyprus as a State shares the same values with the EU, and the rest of the World. Free Movement, Association, and Expression are taken as Universal Principals, where, as Individuals, (as Human Beings), we can identify in this Equality, a willingness to defend each other. It does not limit our Freedom, if within these efforts there exists the Liberty of people to be Persons. but, as Persons one cannot expect Freedom denied, for "them"; this is the Problem.
...i would like to ask Mr. Hannay, if the Treaty of Lausanne was fair; in my mind, this is what the "Turks" (read: deep state, neo-Ottomans, Islamists) are on about.
...and i don't agree with a weak Federal Government because, as Cypriots, there are standards to be respected, and a Rule of Law to be applied without any form of discrimination or distinction; but i do believe, given the chance, Cypriots can sustain many Constituencies as Cypriots, where in essence, electors as Persons, meet these criteria, are closer to their tax payments, as a choice, and through self-representation, by where they reside recognised as having a Distinct Identity.
Again, i ask, where is the Greek Constituency? If there are, Constituencies, and a Republic, being Bicommunal; why not?

Saturday, September 06, 2014

No, Vladimir Putin isn’t another Adolf Hitler


...yes, one can "hope" that Putin can do better, for the lives of the dwellers on the land he grabs, than Turkey in Cyprus.
...Putin to me represents the biggest Capitalist supporter there is, I find it strange that he did not outright buy the Crimea, and whatever else he wants. It seems to me Russia has the money, and in the end, perhaps, in his new thinking something that can be emulated, rather than as it is perceived, plunder, having created so much enmity, no different to what occurred in the past elsewhere. is Humanity which is at war with its worst parts, Russia is not placing itself toward that service. Putin may still represent its good parts, or even its best qualities, because he has the power to do so. But, like all of us he must change himself in confronting his own fears. Let's face it, he is part of the 1%, (or wants to be), where the rest of us are the 99%. What of his legacy in Russia, or the "new" Capitalism he spawned, it is moments like these that are so filled with irony, where the revolution Marx predicted as inevitable could happen, when "we" realise who the "them" are, quite clearly, and act accordingly.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Turkey's Gul: Time for a deal on Cyprus

...sadly, Mr. Gul does not get "it", if the "Turkish peace mission to aid Turkish Cypriots" was done at the expense of Greek Cypriots, because some of "them" were "Greek", rather than Greek, like the kettle which calls the pot black, it does not reflect well on Turkey. Cyprus and Cypriots exist. What with its own problems with "minorities", and with their condemnations of other States essentially not unlike their own, Turkey is not so credible if all it puts on the table are more blame and demands.

...if Mr. Gul expects "Greeks" to tear up Cyprus, he should expect "Turks" to do the same for the Kurds, Armenians, Christians, and others, who are Turkish but not Turkic, in Turkey. If Mr. Gul believes in the Bicommunal (because it is the compromise, to the Problem, that Turkey demanded and that has been accepted), (and now Bizonal), proposal for Cyprus, where there is a State, Freedom, and Individual Rights, above all, I ask where is the Greek Constituency that exists within it, an equal to other Cypriot Constituencies, that at another level of Government as Persons, gives a Turkish Constituency its relevance; where there is this equality as such, the Liberty to sustain themselves within a territorial jurisdiction as a majority which demonstrates its Goodwill to the minorities living among them. I ask why not a Turkic Constituency, (one among the few, like in Cyprus, (or Iraq)), if in Turkey one Flag would fly higher, (where there are many flags) even if as Persons distinct identities are sustained, as Individuals they would remain united toward defending Universal Principals.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

We must not allow a permanent division in Cyprus

my dearest Mr. President,I ask of Mr. Eroglu, even though he represents the Turkish Constituency, to stand in front of the Cypriot Flag. I expect of you to stand in front of the Cypriot Flag, too, and I am offended when Nationalism demands from you to stand under Greek Flags waving higher…

…I ask, if we are Cypriots living in a Unitary State, and being Bicommunal, able to represent Citizens not only as Individuals, but at another (state) level of government, as Persons, then, where is the Greek Constituency, so that Greeks can express themselves as Greeks, an equal (the same Liberty), in that way, to other Cypriot Constituencies, since it is the Republic (and Freedom) which needs no equal?

most respectfully,


- See more at:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Drought in Turkey: A social or a physical phenomenon?


…an interesting article, and site.
…I wonder, what with the pipeline being built to Cyprus, whether, management has been once again ignored, for the political gains of what can essentially be described as plunder (just happy, the water is there). I wonder if the consequence of damming a river in Turkey (which she shares), for this “Project of the Century”, will lead to further conflicts with neighbors.
In Cyprus one can see quite a different behavior between the two administrations on the island, sadly, it does not reflect well on Turkish policy over the years, what with the very different results we can see, there.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Our View: Making it up as they go along


...I want to apologise, as a Cypriot, (and as a Citizen of the World) for such ignorant behaviour.
My hope is that the President will not allow this to continue, that he will send a strong message as the representative of all Cypriots, this is not the toughness one expects from such a Ministry in times as tough as these, this is going too far. You do not have to be "Greek" to be Cypriot, or even "Greek Cypriot" for that matter, "Turkish Cypriots" are not everyone else so to speak, Muslim or not.

...(Even if Cyprus supports Hellenism) As Citizens we stand together to defend the Universal Principals on which our Individual Rights are based. Cyprus, the Republic of Cyprus, has one Flag, not two three or four. As things are based right now, if anything, anyone who is not, Turkish Cypriot living in the illegally occupied territory north of the Green Line, are the so called “Greek Cypriots”, even Turkish Cypriots who declare their primary residency within the Republic, are Greek Cypriots; just take a look at the electoral roles (for the last (EU) elections), and how Citizens are are/were treated.

...and 64 years ago, why was it a mistake for these people to have been classed “Greek Cypriot”, what is it that can be identified as an improvement to their Liberty as Citizens, by the label, “Turkish Cypriot”, now; is it Mdme. Shakalli, or the Minister, who should offer their resignation?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Re: Left Cyprus 50 years ago!

. usual, you distort facts, vp.

in any case the EU elections are hardly a good example of "Greeks" out to suppress the rights of "Turks", except for the incompetent short-sightedness of a Bureaucracy that does not keep its registers up to date, and in affect was caught short with this unfortunate result. that it did not take any initiatives itself, toward the State, to correct this flaw, indicates a corruption over Principal, but to say that the action was organised willfully and with malice, against "you", is a lie. it was just laziness. you should know that because your regime is even worse.

your assumption on the youth and their culture, doubtless is as much a fabrication of your own desire, as it is having some truth, you cannot have a "Community" without some kind of ELAM boy hopping about on his own testosterone, you cannot Judge your youth so easily either. of course you work hard to stand up for the political existence of your "people", who ever they are though, if you are the representative of them, they are just as short-sighted. you may be Turcophone, you may be Grecophone, and you may seek to secure these distinct identities. but you must care very little, for Cyprus, if you are only willing to defend "yourself". securing this Liberty, you must be willing to defend each other's Liberty, or you must care very little for Freedom itself. without one Cyprus, I am measured as one displaced, who you would prefer would care no more. just the same, "you" have and remain nothing (and I don't have to be living on the island to tell you that), unless this fact is answered.

...the Occupation Movement comes to mind; speaking of Principal, speaking of Youth.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Turkey’s intra-Islamic witch hunt


...indeed, what can be learned is that there is one God; and for the pious, if they have Grace, to have this Humility. What can be learned, from the Great War, and the creation of the State we know as Turkey by Kemal, is that we cannot fight each other, Lest we Forget, there are bigger enemies where our Hatred can be directed to an effect we share, like against Disease, and Ignorance, or Hunger, and the affects of Disaster...

...Statesmen, great Statesmen, respect themselves as Individuals, they defend Freedom, and its betterment, even if as Persons, the Liberty they may sustain is an identity of their own, there are Principals which are Universal, they represent and fight for. A "good" Turk, like a "good" Muslim, is a loving person, with a willingness to defend the others who like them, act, accordingly. Mr. Erdogan has said himself, to integrate should not mean assimilation.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cyprus urged to unlock its potential


Dear Mr. Biden,

Thank-You for your visit.

...I have learned that you are a very thoughtful man, my hope is that you have found with your visit, a reason to return. Cyprus is a crossroad, and as you say, its potential is breathtaking. Maritime, Logistic, Finance, and Communication leader, with a solid Rule of Law, Cyprus, Free, is at its advent.
Cypriots have gained a great deal of confidence from your visit, that they at least have not been forgotten, that they will not see this island torn in two, "Turkish", and "not Turkish". too the families of the missing, who endure in this misery; I thank-you for that, as well.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

‘Significant distance between the two sides’


...i ask as well, why does this man have a "Greek" flag behind him? i would only think that this is appropriate, speaking in Greece. and if it is a Constituency the flag represents (even if Greeks represent the overwhelming majority of the population), the others, Maronite, Armenians, Latins, and Turks (even the British), represent Constituencies, too.
What started so well, with an Inaugural that placed Cypriot interests above the rest, to fly the Cypriot Flag higher, it has come to this (again). I suggest the bigger challenge remains, for Leaders to take, as Statesman, but, who has the courage to state what are facts, Bicommunal, like Bizonal, define us, not as "Greeks" and "Turks", we are Human Beings as well (Lest we Forget), but as Individuals, and as Persons.
...i am afraid that the way this debate is framed, Cypriots will remain impotent toward defending each other as Cypriots, having to defend "Greekness", and "Turkishness" instead. (our duty is to Mankind, for the gift of having self-determination, and neither "motherland" in their mythic proportions, has demonstrated better skill, it seems, at that.)
...i am hoping with all the "positive spin" from the "otherside" that they have ideas that will be described as, new thinking; they too, cannot continue to wait for others to change themselves. It is obvious that we are better together than apart. It would be nice to see Mr. Eroglu demand an equal to himself, not the Republic, to negotiate with, as a Constituency, standing in front of two flags, Cypriot and that of the Constituency he represents, insisting only Cypriot Flags should fly where the Federal Government is concerned. insisting, that as equals, the Constituencies would likely be able to solve the problems amongst themselves, if there was a Greek Constituency, as a Cypriot problem which is internal, since Sovereignty, and the Rights of Individuals are secured, by the Republic (even if it is in need of reform). "they", as Persons within a Republic exercise Liberty, and, as Citizens, Individuals, and as Human beings, not only as these electorates, as voters representing Universal Principals, equal, without distinction or discrimination, elect a Federal Government that defends this Freedom.
That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.
...count them, there are three (at least) governing bodies in this statement.
...why not, if there is a Turkish Constituency, and a Republic, a Greek Constituency, (and others)?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Re: Over 20 Million Cross Cease-fire Visits


"the UN, EU, USA, UK, Turkey, Greece - basically everyone", are for a solution. given the plan (i assume you to mean the Annan Plan) was unread at the time of the referendum, at least that version of it, i think that is reason enough to consider a "no" vote credible, coming from voters who have the rest of their lives to live with it. what is off the table, as Mr. Kofi put it, in my mind, is fifty years of failed Foreign Policy by Turkey to realise some satisfaction from the Lease to Britain gone bad. what is left, is a solution where Turkish Cypriots are recognised as such because the vast majority of the population is willing to surrender this power (somehow). a Constituency (rather than an entity demanding equality to the State) demanding Cypriot Constituencies i could support the existence of a Greek Constituency as well (Bizonally, no less), however Cyprus, the State should have no equal, and it should remain a superior to any other governance we may have within it, Sovereign having a Federal Government to represent the will of its Citizens as a body of people, United as Individuals, toward defending the Universal Principals they seek to better.

...again i ask, and why not a Greek Constituency?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Re: How can TC's and GC's coexist together?


GreekIslandGirl wrote:We already have one Cypriot state. The Cypriot State!

- You need an option for the removal of the Turkish Occupiers. That's the only change needed.

...and what is it, that you can do, as a Greek, let alone a Cypriot, so that the Turkish Occupiers change their intention, and leave?

It is true what you say, there is a Cypriot state; and, there is a Cypriot State. as Constituencies, there exist many, not just Turks, and non-Turks; as Persons they have equal needs, and in need it is equal to "you". i say, this Liberty, Greeks can give, more because, they are on this island an overwhelming majority, but as Greeks they can demonstrate a Bicommunal nature, that a Greek Flag can stand an equal to a Turkish Flag, and in Cyprus, a Cypriot Flag flies higher. Freedom, where all Individuals are equal, depends on the notion that beyond any Nation, there is a service to all Humanity, that in enmity there is goodness in our hatred, against real enemies united (Hunger, Disease, Disaster, Ignorance), not each other (Lest we Forget); in my mind, this is the Cypriot way. 

...what is needed,(since the 'Remedy' is found in Turkey's dysfunction (let us assume that "Cyprus" is a template, (again))), to end the Problem, is a thought put into action as great as Ataturk's dream: a State where as Nations, Nations serve. and in Turkey, by emulation, for there to be a Turkish Constituency, in Cyprus so too a Greek Constituency; this is Modern thinking: no? 

(as a Greek, my guess is that you would be interested; with ideas, in changing the world.)

Friday, January 10, 2014



...what is needed is a clear definition of the words, Individual, and Person. One talks of community rights, as though our Individual Rights need no defense, or that as a Nation, Freedom is second to the Liberty it provides.

To satisfy the desire for a Turkish Constituency in Cyprus, what is missing is other Constituencies. For if there was a Greek Constituency, they would be equals, and as Persons free to support an Agenda where they can sustain this distinct identity with the self-representation that effects their daily lives. The Republic of Cyprus would do well if this other level of Government existed, and as Citizens it would be possible to fly many flags, (as a bicommunal country) because it is the Cypriot Flag that would fly higher.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Liberman’s land swap proposal shakes up peace talks


...better if like Cyprus, Mr. Liberman may consider the value of a Bicommunal State, such as Canada. It would involve a Greater Israel, and as well there would be its Constituencies, who represent National Assemblies, and by a Territorial Jurisdiction for which they have their Charter from a Federal Government, zones where which an Agenda of Persons may serve their distinct identity first, but able are they to serve minorities amongst them by demonstrating the Goodwill they could expect reciprocally.

Mr. Liberman is wrong if he believes that cutting Cyprus in two is a good idea, what did Solomon do?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkish MP supports ‘peace pipeline’


...oh to dream.

...managed resources regionally (and the environmental consequences), a pipeline through Cyprus of gaz, why not water to the Middle East (from Turkey)?

...yet if i was a European, or even a Middle Eastern, I would not put all my eggs in Turkey's basket, as friends, the Policy of this Government, is zero.

Cypriots are not "Turks", or "not Turks" (read: "Greeks"), just like the Alevi, Kurds, and Turks in Turkey, they are Cypriot. In my mind, if Turkey was a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation, such dreams could come true.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Water - The Propaganda Regime of "TRNC"


...for now the 'pipedream' has been reduced to a political tool without any indication that there is a larger goal. it has less to do with water as a resource, and more to do with being a quick fix that wins votes. "you" use it as a weapon against a Cyprus which should be Free, so that a subjugation lost to the British can be regained; at its extraordinary cost, it is hard to imagine that it is to quench the thirst of those "Turkish", on the island. don't get it vp, it is about management, and when this dream was just a dream, over twenty years ago, it was to serve a wider purpose, this is what's lacking, Turkey at present has tarnished herself, taking her eye off the ball, the Globe and our affairs as Humans, and in truth, Turkey as a leader in the World, is failing. pipelines may be built, so too from (and to) Lebanon (e.g.). the need for a grid, a regional administration will evolve, like it has with other resources; it will likely not be formed from "Turkish" thinking, Turkey, at this rate, will likely be the last to join.

Saturday, November 09, 2013


It is important for Cypriots to raise their voices as Cypriots, because without them, the debate will continue to revolve around those among us who place "Turkishness" or "Greekness" above the love Cypriots have for their island. As Persons we can celebrate our distinctiveness, and the richness of each's Heritence, but as Individuals only a Republic can defend the Universal Principals that are our Rights as Human beings.

...the Problem did not start in 1974, it is the symptoms we experienced in 1963, the Intolerance which all Cypriots suffer only continued under the Illegal Occupation of the Turkish Army, and the continued denial that Turkish Foreign Poilcy of the last Century has failed (read: Annan Plan). I ask, if a Bicommunal system of Government is the quest, and if a Republic exists (in need of Constitutional Reform, of course), and a Turkish Constitiency exists, why not a Greek Constituency, as well as others? (Is it because Turkey cannot reform itself to be Bicommunal, that the “Turks” deny their own subjugation of the Kurds, (Armenians), Greeks, Alevi, who are Turkish, but not Turk?). (is it because the Greek elite on the island, by sheer numbers, and by Law, cannot be compelled to divide it?)

Why not a distinction between our Rights as Individuals, as Sovereign, as Citizens, as Equals, by having a State to represent our will as the Stewards of this island (and EEZ), as Cypriots, having a Government where there is no discrimination, where every vote is the same. and where Cyprus comes first.

...and if there exists a Greek Constituency in such a State, why not an equal to the other Cypriot Constituencies, where Cypriots, in their daily lives can be served by National Assemblies (and their Municipal Authorities), in a manner where as Persons, as an electorate, they address their needs as an Identity, as a majority, serving themselves, demonstrating their Goodwill, because they are also able in recognising and providing for the minorities among them, their needs as well.

In my Cyprus, Bizonal does not mean tearing the island in two, even if the Green Line remains little unchanged. If Sovereignty was off the table because as well as a Republic there existed a Greek Constituency, it would be possible to repopulate the island and to think futuristicly. There could exist Constitiuencies, Maronite, Armenian, Latin, English, and in the next two hundred years others, where Language and numbers warrant. I imagine that the Constituencies themselves could settle the Territorial Jurisdictions of their Governance (with a Greek Constituency), and unanimously present their demands as Corporations to their Federal Government for Charter. (and i imagine it satisfies Turkey's insistence on identifying people as "Turkish" and "not Turkish" ("Greek").)

...If (dare I say the dirty word), enclaves were introduced into the Cypriot political geography, it would be possible for Justice to be seen, at least for some of the displaced, both from '63, and '74, Greek, and Turkish, a return as they left, as Communities. And if enclaves spotted the entire island as it is divided today, it ends the significance of the 'border', it is just another frontier in a Country with many. They (enclaves) obliges the Greek and Turkish Constituencies to serve an electorate island-wide not just as "majorities", and they oblige them to serve a population that is Free in Movement, Association, and Expression, as Cypriots, these Rights are Supreme; it would not be hard to imagine, by choice, Greeks and Turks, living as minorities within this range of choices.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Memories of two Cyprus missions remain vivid for Port McNicoll man


..I would like to remind Canadians that the Cyprus Problem remains unsolved. Now as patience seems to be growing thin, it is important to remember that this issue is not about the enmity of "Greeks" and "Turks", it is about Intolerance. If the island remains divided, there will never be Peace, it will not be the end of a People who have survived thousands of years of subjugation, they will continue to struggle unfreed, but the Heritence (Lest we Forget) it represents to Mankind will be lost, from a demonstrated impotence toward "Turkishness", and not "Turkishness" ("Greek"). Indeed, not one UN soldier has been killed by the side of the island represented by "Greeks"; something to think about.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Re: The only Option for the Turkish Cypriots!


Viewpoint wrote:We do not need to or nor will we go away where other than our island we are here to stay, so deal with it. Do you accept a BBF with political equality of the 2 states at the federal level?

...its like Cyprus is only a speck of property with no people on it. Individual Rights seem to have no importance to you vp. you talk of two sterile units that are mono-clonal, that is either "Turkish", or not "Turkish", as though Cypriots do not exist, and that Cyprus is of no importance except as an extension of Turkish Foreign Policy. "we", as you describe are Persons, nothing else, but we are Human beings, and it is in this sense, i am compelled to respond, that in effect you deny equality. we are no longer chattel, there is Freedom, there is Equality as Individuals, Universal Principals which we, whether Greek or Turk or Cypriot, defend against the "we" you defend no better than a "Greek", (Lest we Forget) as Ignorant, because the thinking(read: intent) has more to do with Greed, rather than Liberty. you may put your "Turkishness" first, that does not make it right, and whether Cypriot by birth, lineage, or coincidence, in essence you are not Cypriot, you are an accessory to Crime. 

the only option for Turkish Cypriots, is the same option for Greek Cypriots, and that is to love each other, as Cypriots to say, i love Cyprus, first.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Our View: We created a state designed to serve the ruling elite


...and what is Cyprus but a template for elites further afield.
We may consider ourselves lucky, because having survived the attention of interlocutors for thousands of years in isolation, the Cypriot now has the means to express themselves as a Sovereign People who are no different and an equal within a larger family of man. Perhaps this crisis will make it clear to us, the value of our Heritance, to be Cypriots, rather than "Greeks", or "Turks".
Freedom has a heavy price, and part of that is overcoming the fears we have within ourselves. Have we learned the lessons of the First World War (as Human Beings) with so much energy placed on the adversarial nature of our Politics? Have we discovered that this hatred can serve the fight against bigger enemies (like Disease, and Hunger)? What of the elites, indeed, who do they represent?

Friday, September 06, 2013

Re: Cypriots are the minority...


...clear your mind for a moment Dr. if your intentions are the Freedom of Cyprus, and the Liberty of Cypriots, new thinking is needed.

i suggest the debate has been framed wrongly, a new perspective on the Problem is in order. because it suited the interlocutors, we are framed as "Turks" or not "Turks" ("Greeks"), and this has led to the marginalisation of Individual thinking. Those who are Cypriot, first, in this context are a minority, and as a minority like in any democracy, hold the balance of power. without a Cypriot movement, things stay the same, or worse return to the state of war, because this "Peace" is unnatural. 

so, we know that a Republic exists, and we know that the overwhelming population is Greek, we know that other Nations form a part of the Cypriot identity, and we know that a Turkish Constituency seeks an equal as Constituencies, i suggest that the "Greek" state we have can identify to itself without needing the State to be its exclusive representative as people. i suggest that a movement of Cypriots can become a significant political force, if there existed for Greek Cypriots a means for their self-representation and sustenance, as Persons. it allows for a debate as Stewards, as Citizens, as Individuals, rather than a People of a Nation, because the Nation has a voice. 

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

count them: three (at least) governing bodies.

...thus for Cyprus, i ask, "where is the Greek Constituency?"